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Mental Health Crisis Among Medical Professionals

Medical professionals face enormous pressures in their work lives, and, as a result, many struggle with high levels of stress and burnout.

According to a recent study, 74% of physicians reported seeing symptoms of burnout in others, and over half believed that their workload had impacted their mental health. Additionally, the rate of suicides among doctors is higher than any other profession and more than double the general population.

In order to help and encourage physicians, the medical community needs to reach out with understanding, learn to overcome stigmas, and encourage physicians to embrace mental health.

According to a study from locumstory.com, more than half of physicians reported believing that mental health is a taboo topic to discuss, and two-thirds would not consider meeting with a mental health professional at all. It's not healthy for a person to be constantly miserable in their job or circumstances, and the stress and frustration will adversely affect them.

Addressing mental health is the right and healthy thing to do, regardless of the stigma, the fear, and the perceived consequences. Administrators and others who provide support for medical professionals have a responsibility to reach out when they see signs of depression and burnout. Encouraging people to speak honestly with a mental health professional about suicidal thoughts, depression, and burnout will help physicians cope with the extraordinary stresses they face, and will save lives.